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Since October 7, the Gaza Strip has fallen victim to devastating Israeli attacks in what many would describe as a humanitarian catastrophe. These attacks have taken the lives of thousands of innocent civilians and have left tens of thousands others injured. More than 50% of all housing units in Gaza have been destroyed, leaving 1.6 million people displaced and lacking essential resources such as food, water, healthcare, electricity, and fuel.

UNRWA school shelters, currently accommodating thousands of displaced individuals beyond their capacities, are reporting extremely poor living conditions due to lack of clean water and accumulation of waste. Amidst all the pain, trauma, and continuous bombings overhead, 700,000 displaced individuals at these shelters are physically and mentally struggling to endure the challenges brought about by this war.

Juzoor has been working round the clock to deploy individuals on the ground and provide medical assistance and attention to those who need it. We are responding to the catastrophic humanitarian situation and the needs in Northern Gaza shelters, but the severity of the situation and the growing demands surpass our current resources.

Here's how you can make an immediate impact:

  • $50 can provide a first-aid kit to injured people
  • $50 can provide a hygiene kit to a displaced family (including items like menstrual pads, diapers, and soap)
  • $50 can provide recreational kits for a displaced child
  • $80 can provide an emergency delivery kit to a displaced mother (including items like clean towels, scissors and bandages, rubbing alcohol, and maternity pads)
  • $50 can provide cash assistance to buy food and other necessities

Your support and contribution can have a substantial impact on alleviating the suffering of the people of Gaza and can save the lives of those in danger.

If you'd like to donate, kindly use the donation form above or for wire transferes, below are our banking Details

IBAN Number:  PS41PALS047507515510013000000

Juzoor Bank Name:
Bank Of Palestine                                                    
Branch:  Ramallah Al Bireh Branch    
Bank Number: 475                               Bank code:  89                          

City/Country: Ramallah –West Bank - Palestine Territories
Bank Account Name: JUZOOR For Health and Social Development 
Bank Account # (USD)   : 751551 /1

U.S.D Correspondent:
New York – USA
Swift Code: CITIUS33
ABA 021000089

Juzoor for Health and Social Development 
P.O. Box 17333, Jerusalem
Al Bireh, Arkan Street, 3rd floor of Islamic Bank of Palestine Building
 (Near Red Crescent Maternity Hospital in Al Bireh)
+970 2 2414488
+970 2 2414484