Launch of Gaza Vaccine Program by Juzoor and the Palestinian Ministry of Health

January 13, 2024

Following 3 months of the complete suspension of vaccine administration due to the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip, Juzoor is pleased to announce the official launch of a collaborative vaccine program in partnership with the Ministry of Health (MoH), which went into effect in the North of Gaza this Saturday, January 13th.

This groundbreaking effort had been in the works for weeks. In November, Juzoor began collaborating with the MoH and UNICEF to plan for the initiation of a vaccination program in Gaza shelters. Preparations went underway after Juzoor held a vaccine education and training session for 30 volunteers at Al-Awda Hospital. A partnership agreement was also signed between Juzoor and the hospital, establishing a collaborative effort to mobilize the trained team to administer the vaccines once they become available. Juzoor was able to successfully secure the vaccines after tedious efforts, and implement the cold chain system through the supply of solar-powered refrigerators by the MoH.

The initiation of this program, while a crucial step forward for the health situation in Gaza, comes with its challenges. Juzoor recognizes the risks imposed on the program, particularly on our staff and the people of Gaza, whose safety and well-being remains our top priority. The program’s operations may face hurdles due to fuel shortage, which is imperative for ensuring mobility and vaccine distribution, as well as in maintaining the cold chain system, ensuring the supply of vaccines and syringes, and reaching groups of people in areas that are hard to access, all due to the hurdles and repercussions of the war.

Juzoor remains steadfast in its commitment to the success of this program and the health and well-being of the people of Gaza, and we hope to continue expanding our work in the region with the help of our international partners and the global community.


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