Juzoor is a Palestinian non-governmental organization based in Jerusalem working at the national level, dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Palestinian families and promoting health as a basic human right.

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  • Community Development Program

    Community Development Program

    Juzoor’s Community Empowerment Program responds to its strategic aim of “contributing to supporting and upgrading the health and social status of the Palestinian people”.

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  • Continuous Professional Development

    Continuous Professional Development

    Since 2003 Juzoor has focused on Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to upgrade the knowledge base and improve technical skills and performance of providers in the various service settings throughout Palestine and in the region. The organization’s CPD programs are based on the latest evidence-based information ...

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  • Impacting  Health


    Juzoor believes that in order to make a sustainable and lasting impact on the health of Palestinians it must contribute to the national level policy dialogue, and help to effect positive change on the macro levels.

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Juzoor: Health & Wellbeing

What we stand for?
A cadre of health and community professionals who are trained in the latest evidence-based methods and practices is a key component to a well-functioning health system that is adaptable to meet the needs of the Palestinians.
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Juzoor: Community Development

Juzoor and our Community!
The Community Empowerment Program stresses the importance of youth and women’s empowerment, supports marginalized communities, and protects families against gender-based violence through the promotion of sexual and reproductive health rights. Juzoor works directly with community members to develop solid community –based models that empower women, engage youth, and promote healthy nutrition...
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Juzoor faculty and instructors attended the annual regional network forum.