About Us

Who We Are

Our Vision

All Palestinians achieve the highest standards
of well-being in a healthier Palestine.

Our Mission

To endorse the health of the Palestinian community by adopting a multi-sectoral rights-based developmental approach based on social indicators and national priorities.

Our Objectives

Promote a human rights based approach to health and social development; Fulfill the needs of all Palestinians based on national indicators; Build the capacity of women, youth, community, health providers and others to strengthen the health sector.

Juzoor for Health and Social Development

is a Palestinian non-governmental organization based in Jerusalem working at the national level, dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Palestinian families and promoting health as a basic human right.

Juzoor was founded in 1996 by a team of health and development professionals. The organization was named Juzoor (“roots” in Arabic) to reflect the organization’s focus on the underlying socioeconomic determinants of health and wellness, to reinforce the commitment that Juzoor has made to continuing its work in Palestinian communities despite the difficult and challenging political situation, and to reflect the founders’ experience in their related fields and in establishing some of the most important grassroots health organizations in Palestine.

Juzoor Team
Guiding Principles: Juzoor’s mission is to promote a coherent, interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral approach to improving the health and social well being of individuals, families and communities based on national indicators and needs.

Juzoor works on multiple levels with community based organizations, professionals, governmental bodies, and the community at large, targeting in specific women, children, youth and service providers. Main principles of Juzoor's work are to empower local communities and build local capacities, focusing on empowering vulnerable groups through innovative programs that address their psychosocial, educational, economic and reproductive health needs. Juzoor works towards achieving core objectives, including:

  • Providing platforms for policy formation, dialogue, and networking that enables policy changes and developmental interventions in the health and social sectors.
  • Promoting regional and international cooperation to foster opportunities for policy dialogue, participatory planning, and information and technology transfer among local and international organizations.
  • Building the institutional capacity of health and social organizations through developing human resources, promoting sustainable systems, and enhancing networking and partnerships.
  • Empowering grassroots community-based organizations to address the social determinants of health; and
  • Raising public awareness on issues impacting the health and social well-being of people and communities.
Juzoor’s vision for a healthier Palestine is based on the belief that health in its holistic sense (physical, emotional, mental and social) is a basic human right for all people. In particular, Juzoor works toward ensuring Palestinians’ rights to:

  1. Access health and social services.
  2. Benefit from high quality health services
  3. Access needed resources; and
  4. Access information to make appropriate lifestyle choices and health care decisions
Empowering Communities
Community Development
Continuous Professional Development

We aim to Create a Difference

Through Human Rights approach to Women Empowerment, Capacity building and Continuous Professional Development
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