Our Scope of Work

Areas that we focus on

Continuous Professional Development

AHA Authorized Training Center | AAFP | Royal Collage of Surgeons
A cadre of health professionals who are trained in the latest evidence-based methods and practices is a key component to a well-functioning health system that is adaptable to meet the needs of the population. Given this, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is an important strategic instrument for improving health and social services. CPD contributes to performance improvement of health providers through standardizing skills according to evidence-based guidelines and practices, improving access to high quality care, enhancing the interactions between providers and facilitating dialogue.
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Community Development Department

Advocay | Women Empowerment | Child Well being
Investing in Palestinian communities as the grassroots level is vital to achieving tangible improvements in the overall health of the population. There is a need to empower communities with the knowledge and know-how to become self-reliant and use local resources to help solve problems. Self-reliance is increasingly important as already marginalized communities become more cut off from each other and from urban centers because of checkpoints and the Separation Wall.
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Health Policy

Impacting Health and Social Policies

Juzoor believes that in order to make a sustainable and lasting impact on the health of Palestinians it must contribute to the national level policy dialogue, and help to effect positive change on the macro level.
  • Stimulate the policy dialogue among stakeholders.
  • Advocate for an evidence-based approach to policy formulation.
  • Advocate for policies founded on the protection and promotion of basic human rights.
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