Improving Food and Nutrition Security through Innovative School Canteen Model in Marginalized Rural Communities in the West Bank is a 3 year project funded by the Netherlands aiming at empowering marginalized sect of the Palestinian community in a neglected areas of the West Bank.

Project Aim

The project aims in empowering five women organizations with the technical skills, financial, managerial, and organizational means, as well as in food production, processing, hygiene and food preparation.

20 schools in Area C of selected locations (Halhoul, Biet Fajar, Bidia, Toubas and Jeftlek) of both sexes will be targeted in the upgrading and marinating their school canteens and waiting areas benefiting a total of around 10,000 school children.

Several activities have been done for the women in the organizations selected, students and the teachers. Women received training in marketing, accounting and costing principles, as well as they received training in nutrition, healthy cooking, hygiene and economic empowerment.

School activities with school children are of a continuous activities, focusing on:

  • the breakfast meal
  • fruits and vegetables
  • drinking water
  • physical activity
  • overweight and obese children

Activities, pamphlets and printouts have been distributed to all school children and teachers.

In the Media
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School Canteen Project Activities

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