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مسابقة الاغنية العربية ٢٠١٢

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Jerusalem Youth Parliament

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Group 1

Impacting Health and Social Policies: Juzoor believes that in order to make a sustainable and lasting impact on the health of Palestinians it must contribute to the national level policy dialogue, and help to  ... Learn more >>

Group 2

Continuous Professional Development: A cadre of health professionals who are trained in the latest evidence-based methods and practices is a key component to a well-functioning health system that is ... Learn more >>


Group 3

Empowering Communities: Investing in Palestinian communities as the grassroots level is vital to achieving tangible improvements in the overall health of the population. There is a need to empower   ... Learn more >>
مؤسسة جذور للإنماء الصحي و الاجتماعي

Welcome to Juzoor for Health and Social Development in Palestine. Juzoor is a Palestinian non-governmental organization based in Jerusalem, Ramallah and Gaza dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Palestinian families and promoting health as a basic human right ... Read More >>

We hope you will find out more about Juzoor and we hope that the information on this site helpful.

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Juzoor for Health and Social Development launched an international youth Training project called “Arab Spring Also Available in 2013” the project Aims to provide better understanding of active youth participation, inspire youth by the youth participation ...   Learn More >>


The Fifth Conference on Nutrition: Nutrition and NCDs: A Palestinian Agenda organized by Juzoor was held on September 15-16 which brought together professionals from governmental and non-governmental organizations, academic and private institutes and key international organizations.
خلال افتتاحه اعمال مؤتمر " التغذية و علاقتها بالامراض المزمنة " الذي نظمته مؤسسة " جذور " للانماء الصحي والاجتماعي بمشاركة وحضور خبراء ومختصين محليين واجانب . دعا وزير الصحه الدكتور هاني عابدين المجتمع الفلسطيني الى ضرورة الاهتمام بالتغذيه السليمه للمحافظه على صحتهم من الامراض المزمنه التي تهدد العالم
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Symposium on “Improving Health Systems through Better Governance and Accountability in the MENA Region.”. MENA Health Policy Forum – Tunis, Tunisia 7-9 June, 2012. The multi-stakeholder symposium is organized by the MENA Health Policy Forum (HPF) to provide the opportunity for knowledge exchange and constructive discussions between ... Learn More >>


حماية المراهقين من العنف المبني على النوع الاجتماعي
من خلال تعزيز حقوقهم في الصحة الجنسية و الإنجابية ... للمزيد

Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights
of Children and Adolescents ...  more info


NEW - Module 1 & 2: A toolkit on “Children and Adolescents Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights”

جديد الدليل الأول و الثاني : رزمة الحقوق الجنسية و الانجابية للاطفال و اليافعين \ ات


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Dr. Salwa featured on the Women of the World Today Magazine - Read Article >>  (PDF)

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