Diabetes Awareness Campaign - "My Health and Your Health Are Sweeter Than Sugar"

A yearly campaign takes place each November to raise awareness about diabetes prevention and management.  Juzoor, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, Bank of Palestine, Augusta Victoria Hospital and the Lions Club held this campaign under the National Diabetes Program. However this year, the campaign activities were different from usual due to the pandemic. For physical distancing purposes, a hike was organized for refugee camps with type 1 diabetes and pre diabetic women. In the effort to raise awareness, billboards highlighting the campaign were hung all throughout all the governorates in the West Bank and Gaza and diabetes related tips were shared on the screens of Bank of Palestine and Juzoor’s social media pages. Additionally, 3,500 Gluco Strips and 20 Gluco Checks for 10 clinics were provided to the Ministry of Health where 3,500 people were screened for diabetes. Finally, 140 thank you kits were distributed to the Ministry of Health, Augusta Victoria Hospital, UNRWA’s NCD staff in the West Bank and Gaza.