Palestine Adolescence Health Coalition

Juzoor, in partnership with the MoH and UNFPA, formed the first Palestine Adolescence Health Coalition in May 2018. Today, there are 30 member organizations including international and national organizations, UN agencies, the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.

The coalition’s main achievements for 2020: 

  • The coalition supported the MoH in initiating the Adolescent Health Unit in the MoH and has developed the strategic framework for SRHR for adolescents.
  • 15 trainings were conducted to build the capacity of the Coalition members on SRHR of adolescents including people with disabilities, how to communicate with adolescents and cyber-safety. 
  • A Palestine Adolescence Health Coalition website was created to include all the information and activities conducted under the Coalition.

Activities conducted under the COVID-19 Emergency Plan:

  • A virtual meeting was held for adolescents from the West Bank and Gaza to identify their main concerns during the pandemic and how it is impacting their lives. 25 adolescents ages 13-18 participated in the meeting.
  • Two films were developed; one on how to cope with the lock-down and the second video provided tips for students going back to school and the best safety measures to take. 
  • An advocacy brief on adolescents’ and COVID-19 was published.