Palestine Health Policy Forum (PHPF)

Juzoor helped create the Palestinian Health Policy Forum and has been hosting the Forum since its inception in 2005. Juzoor believes that Health is a basic human right, and not only a biological state focusing on disease and patients, but a social, economic, and political issue that is directly connected to national development and affected by multiple factors, it is a crucial indicator of national prosperity and the degree to which a society is participating in public discourse and the commitment of national and civil society institutions to human rights. On that basis, a group of health and development stakeholders established the Palestinian Health Policy Forum. The purpose of the forum is to strengthen and support national health policy in a manner consistent with human rights, social justice, so as to influence decision- makers to adopt policies and strategies suitable for the Palestinian development context and respond to the needs and aspirations of people ensuring universal access to quality health care.

The vision of the PHPF is to contribute to the creation a Palestinian health system that is able to respond to the health needs of the Palestinian people and to the challenges of the current context in an equitable manner. Further, to focus on the importance of public participation in planning, implementation, and evaluation of strategies; to adopt an evidence-based approach to choosing interventions and health programs, including the provision of quality health care in a manner that is sustainable and contributes to the improvement of the health situation of the Palestinian community in coordination with other development sectors.

The founders of the PHPF have found an opportunity to contribute to the reform of the health sector and to revitalize public debate related to health policies and programs in a way that is consistent with Palestinian national interest.