Community Development Program

Juzoor’s Community Development Program responds to a strategic aim of “contributing to supporting and upgrading the health and social status of the Palestinian people”.

The Community Development Program stresses the importance of youth and women’s empowerment, supports marginalized communities, and protects families against gender-based violence through the promotion of sexual and reproductive health rights. Juzoor works directly with community members to develop solid community –based models that empower women, engage youth, and promote healthy nutrition.

The Community Empowerment Program works on the following:

  1. Promoting Healthy Lifestyle: Preventing Non-Communicable Diseases NCDs Campaigns, Strengthening Environmental Activities for Better Environmental Governance and Protecting the Right and Improve Resilience of Vulnerable Communities in East Jerusalem.
  2. Family Protection Program Activities: Protecting Adolescents from Gender Based Violence through the Promotion of their Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and Combating Violence Against Women.
  3. Empowering Palestinian society to advocate for health and environmental rights.

Juzoor has had essential projects operational starting from a few months to several years; each serving a big impact and sometimes resulting in model programs. 

There are no Programs until this moment!