Ensuring Rights for Young People: SRHR, GBV, and Youth Project

With funding from UNFPA, Juzoor is implementing the SRHR, GBV and Youth Project - making adolescents and youth a priority. Youth in Palestine comprise 30% of the population, of which 38.1% are adolescents aged 15-19 and 61.9% aged 20-29. 

Through this project, Juzoor and UNFPA have been advocating for comprehensive sexuality education by enhancing capacities to develop and implement policies, and mechanisms, that prioritize access to information and services for sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights for young people especially for those furthest behind.  This year, Juzoor lead a National Strategy for Adolescents and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health, alongside with the MoH and MoE, towards establishing a national strategy which aims to contribute to the protection of adolescents and youth including; risky behaviors; raise awareness of important subjects of SRH and life practices; promote healthy lifestyles and healthy reproductive and sexual behaviors; improve the quality and accessibility to information and services; prevention of sexual infections and diseases; contribute to a supportive environment that fosters a culture of combating violence in the Palestinian society, as-well-as prevention of and protection against gender-based-violence (adolescent marriage, domestic violence, sexual exploitation, etc.). This strategy is implemented and interlinked with the national Adolescent Health Coalition. 

In 2020, Juzoor has taken the lead in updating the already existing Adolescent Health Manual and has done community mobilization by improving leadership and participation of adolescents and youth on SRHRs interventions, contextualized already existing education material, continued the policy dialogue and meetings with MoE and MoHE relevant departments, and developed Youth-friendly education materials (IEC) on Adolescents SRHR.  

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