Improve Maternal and Infant Health in Marginalized Districts in Palestine “You are Life”

In full consultation with the Ministry of Health and UNRWA, Juzoor launched the “You are Life” project aiming to reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity by decreasing the numbers of high-risk and unwanted pregnancies and reducing obstetric complications and case fatality rate in women in three clusters: Toubas and Jericho Governorates (Jordan Valley) in the West Bank and among the Internally Displaced People [IDP] in North Gaza. The project concept is based on collaboration and networking among health stakeholders to mobilize skills, resources, and innovations, drawing upon best practices. 

The project contributed to quality MHC, and introduced best practices, well-tested quality improvement approaches, and innovative technology-based methods. 

Juzoor developed a National Preconception Protocol to be used by all healthcare providers to ensure optimal Maternal and Child Health as it is a cornerstone of public health as well as social and economic development.

The project demonstrates a comprehensive approach to improving MCH by promoting community mobilization around maternal, neonatal, and infant health issues. Using Behavior, Communication, Change (BCC) approaches and stimulating community self-help, it will enable community leaders, women’s groups, and interested parties to be active partners in promoting their own health. This project is funded by MSD, a pharmaceutical company that aims to make a difference in the lives of people globally through our innovative medicines, vaccines, and animal health products, and in partnership with the MoH, UNRWA, the Health Work Commitees, Palestinian Medical Relief, and the Red Crescent in Gaza.

Several campaigns took place under this project including breast cancer awareness and winter/summer camps for pregnant women and young girls.