Implementation of Community Activities to Support WFP’s Social Behavior Change Campaign

Juzoor for Health and Social Development in cooperation with the World Food Program is conducting a campaign to change behaviors to reduce the prevalence of anemia in pregnant and lactating women and children, through several activities that will be implemented within 6 months.


Target group: Pregnant women, Lactating mothers, Mothers of children under 5 years old.

Area(s): Jericho and Hebron (Yatta and H2)

The activities include awareness-raising activities on the importance of nutrition in combating many complications and health problems during pregnancy, lactation and children. Social media channels have been adopted as primary channels for communicating with and between beneficiaries. The campaign also includes adding the beneficiaries to groups on WhatsApp and Facebook, where questions and scientific discussions will be asked about the health of the mother and child. In addition to that, cooking workshops and a cooking competition to learn iron-rich recipes, in which an educational kit containing 10 tips to prevent iron deficiency anemia (anemia), a brochure for home farming, a cookbook, and a cooking apron are distributed. Also, one of the main activities is the home gardening sessions for the beneficiaries who own home gardens to be able to grow vegetables rich in iron in their homes and an agricultural bag containing the basic necessities for agriculture is distributed.

The project also includes the participation of the husbands, mothers and mothers of the beneficiaries’ husbands. During the participation of the beneficiaries in the campaign, food vouchers (coupons) will be distributed in the name of the beneficiaries (mothers and lactating women) for a period of six months; designated only for the purchase of iron-rich foods.