Empowering women and girls to exercise their rights to prevent GBV

in Cooperation with the German Represantative office in Ramallah and funding from the German Foreign office Juzoor is implementing a project titled " Empowering women and girls to exercise their rights to prevent GBV" The project intends to protect women in vulnerable communities by empowering them to understand and exercise their rights by: (1) raising community awareness to promote and protect women’s rights and boost use of comprehensive services, (2) mobilizing individuals to become change agents, and (3) activating existing systems and processes to protect women from violence and provide them with the needed services and support.



Target group: 


 The final beneficiaries of this project are 1000 women and girls from 2 vulnerable communities in Toubas and Jenin.  These locations were selected based on their political vulnerability, economic status and Juzoor’s previous experiences with these locations, which have led to collaborative, trusting relationships with local stakeholders.