Child Health and Protection

Increase responsiveness and willingness of duty-bearers to enforce provisions of laws in relation to corporal punishment/ physical and sexual abuse and child protection

The project’s aim is to extend the Ministry of Social Development led child protection system to marginalized communities and to make it equitable and comprehensively address protection needs to marginalized children and communities, especially targeting Children with Disabilities, as well as increase responsiveness and willingness of duty bearers to enforce provisions of laws in relation to corporal punishment / physical and sexual abuse and child protection.

Juzoor, as a starting point, will implement the activities in coordination with the Ministry of Education in the targeted locations:

Ramallah and Al Bireh

Alamari Refugee camp

Tubas Governorate 

The main activities of the project focus on building the capacities of the key influential individuals surrounding Palestinian children, adolescents and youth. The project targets 10 schools and their counselors in a specialized training on sexual and reproductive health and rights and positive discipline for everyday teaching and parenting. Additionally, students will be targeted and empowered on their rights and means of protection as well as providing them with opportunities to conduct activities to empower other children and adolescents in the community.

This project falls under Family Protection Program Activities – Protecting Adolescents from Gender Based Violence through the Promotion of their Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and Combating Violence Against Women