Palestine National Diabetes Project - Phase I

This is a three years length project on the National level in Palestine with partnership of strong powerful stakeholders within the Palestinian health system as: the Palestinian Ministry of Health, UNRWA, DCA and AVH lead by Juzoor.

The project aims in implementing the Diabetes Comprehensive Care Model in the North of the West Bank (Qalqilya, Toulkarem and Nablus) and the project is funded by The World Diabetes Foundation.

The goal of the project is to implement national community based approach to diabetes care and prevention, adopting a holistic approach to building communities’ capacity to address NCDs specially Diabetes.

The project has five main objectives:

  1. Upgrading 3 models as centers of excellence in the North to act as referral centers and 6 intermediate clinics (primary care) Diabetes Comprehensive Care Models
  2. Strengthening the national committee of NCDs to become active and operational
  3. Capacity building of health care providers to implement national protocols to strengthen diabetes care and prevention
  4. Provide diabetes care, management and screening for complications
  5. Raise awareness of preventive measures for diabetes and NCDs within the community