Strengthening CSOs to Work Together to Promote Adolescent and Youth SRHR in Palestine Project

With funding from Amplify Change, and in partnership with the Adolescent Health Coalition, Juzoor is implementing the “Strengthening CSOs to work together to promote adolescent and youth SRHR in Palestine” Project.

Juzoor has designed this project, together with key stakeholders, to contribute to improved sexual and reproductive health of young people, adolescents, and schoolchildren in Palestine.

The project contributes to the promotion of age-appropriate and gender-sensitive SRHR education, information, services with the overall goal to increase the access of schoolchildren, adolescents and youth to age-appropriate and gender-sensitive SRHR education, information, services. Throughout 2020, Juzoor mobilized CSOs to work together as a coalition to advocate for integrating SRHR in formal education and providing youth-friendly SRHR services.

The Ministry of Health has highlighted the importance of Adolescent Health and has dedicated its effort in the initiation of an Adolescent Health Unit within the Ministry of Health. The Adolescent Health Coalition is established and active with 23 member organizations.