Towards Empowering Women for the Job market and Potential Political Participation Project

With funding from UN Women, and in partnership with the Palestinian Food Industries Union and Al- Haram Women’s Association, Juzoor is implementing the “Towards Empowering Women for the Job Market and Potential Political Participation” project. The goal of the project is to increase the participation of women in Hebron in the economic sphere with an increased likeness towards political decision-making to their protection concerns, and addresses and builds their leadership skills in local communities.

This project feeds into the promotion of the socio-economic recovery to contribute to the overall goal of the women peace and humanitarian fund and gender equal societies. Additionally, the project empowers women through building their capacities towards economic and political participation within their communities. 

The trainings that will be conducted will cover sexual and reproductive health rights, GBV and gender equality, basic hygiene, self-hygiene, and infection prevention. The training will also include information on COVID-19, food processing, marketing and presentation of food product and basic leadership skills.

The training will empower 30 young women with potential who will in turn train an additional 300 women from various communities in Hebron to better acknowledge their rights and identify their potential in participating in the labor market as equal citizens of the community. The project will also ensure a two-week internship within local small businesses run by women association, local community councils and local companies in collaboration with the project partners. At the end of the project at least 60%  of the trained women will have long term job opportunities, and 100% of the trained women will be empowered and knowledgeable of their potential with the ability to voice their opinion to their protection concerns and address and build their leadership and resilience in their communities.

The project started in November 2020 and is still in its preparatory phase during the reporting period.