Palestine National Diabetes Project - Phase II

Our National Diabetes Project has been focusing on preventing diabetes with the overall goal to implement a national community- based approach to diabetes care and prevention, adopting a holistic approach to building communities capacity to address NCDs, specifically diabetes. Working on the national level, Juzoor has partnered with multiple stakeholders including the Palestinian Ministry of Health, UNRWA, Dan Church Aid (DCA), and Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH). Due to its accomplishments in the first phase of the program, its high demand and to create sustain development, the World Diabetes Foundation has funded this program in its second phase aiming to equip and prepare an additional 4 model clinics and 8 intermediate clinics for diabetes patients screening and treatment in the targeted areas of East Jerusalem – Bir Nabala MoH Clinic, Toulkarem MoH Clinic, and Qalqilia UNRWA Clinic.

During the Pandemic:

  • Juzoor has conducted an Evaluation of The Palestine National Diabetes Program 2017-2020 in August 2020
  • Juzoor has screened the Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on type 2 diabetes mellitus patients and their nutritional lifestyle.
  • A survey was conducted to track lifestyle habits and behaviors of type 2 diabetic patients in Palestine during the countrywide lockdown to help address important issues about the overall impact of social distancing measures on their health. Findings from the survey were published rapidly to inform current decision-making, as well as future pandemic responses in Palestine. The survey focused on the life of the diabetic patient, nutritional habits and the effect of lockdown on their lifestyle and nutrition. 
Model clinics
were upgraded
Intermediate Clinics
are now serving as centers of excellence in the north and center of the WB, benefitting tens of thousands of people in the targeted areas.
Received Awareness
since the launch of the program through campaigns, events, workshops, radio spots, TV campaigns, bill boards in the WB, pamphlets, videos etc.  That is an estimated 30,000 refugees.
Healthcare Professionals
from UNRWA and MoH were trained
since the launching of the project have benefited (around 60% females).
Awareness Raising Activities
were conducted in schools in the targeted locations and over 7,000 children were reached.
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Palestinian National Diabetes Program Booklet
Palestinian National Diabetes Program Booklet
The partners of the Palestine National Diabetes Program (PNDP) take immense pride in launching the booklet ‘The Power of Partnerships: Reflection on the 20-year Journey Fighting Diabetes in Palestine’. The booklet  serves as a testament to a unique experience of cooperation between the Ministry of Health as the leader of PNDP, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), DanChurchAid (DCA), the Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH), and Juzoor for Health and Social Development in developing an integrated national response to the challenges of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in humanitarian settings.