Lama Hasan

Job title: Director of Finance & Administration

Lama is a finance and administration specialist with 15 years of experience with Palestinian NGOs and businesses. Experience includes managing multi-million dollar budgets, including financial management of USAID projects. Significant experience in managing procurement and compliance policies and procedures to adhere to USAID and international donors’ rules and regulations. Proven ability to enhance operations, enhance efficiency and utilize resources in a volatile environment. Strong leadership, communication, and organizational skills with extensive experience in managing projects, processes and human resources. Overall responsibility and management of Juzoor’s operations: finance & administration, procurement, logistics, and compliance to ensure that all activities are delivered with high quality and in a timely manner. Ensures grant and procurement activities comply with the rules and regulations of the donors such as USAID and EU. Supervisory responsibility for accounting and finance staff, consultants, and manages external audits. Develops and manages budget and internal control measures for all departments and projects. Reviews operating costs and proposes cost-saving measures. Provides financial analysis and reports for internal planning.