Public Health Research Scientist

.  Organization Setting:

Juzoor is a leading Palestinian NGO dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Palestinian families and promoting health rights in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza. We promote an interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral approach to improving the health and social well-being of individuals, families and communities based on national targets and needs. Juzoor works on multiple levels with civil society organizations, professionals, governmental bodies, service providers, and the community at large. Our principles are to build local capacities and empower local communities, targeting in specific women, children and youth, through innovative programs that address their psychosocial, educational,

2.  Position Particulars:

We are seeking the services of a Public Health Research Scientist (PHRS) to support Juzoor in our ongoing research and evaluation projects in the field of public health. These services include the design and implementation of applied research and evaluation studies, such as program/policy evaluations; performance monitoring, and the systematic literature reviews and analyses.

Public Health Research Scientist will be tasked to contribute to the design and implementation of appropriate study methods, apply appropriate quantitative and qualitative techniques for data analysis, and synthesize findings from various sources.  A solid grounding and experience in public health, evaluation science, social science, or behavioral science is necessary. Experience in any of the following content areas is a plus: mental health, substance abuse, suicide prevention, adverse childhood experiences, school health, women & gender, and sexual reproductive health.

In addition, the PHRS will be required to:

  1. Perform background research on specific topics and synthesize information in the form of annotated bibliographies and literature reviews.
  2. Contribute to the design and development of research and evaluation plans.
  3. Collect primary data through conducting interviews, focus groups, or surveys; as well as participating in site visits.
  4. Perform quantitative research activities, such as survey design; data coding and management, including data cleaning and validation; and data analysis.
  5. Perform qualitative research activities, such as the design and implementation of interviews and focus group protocols; and conduct thematic coding of qualitative data.
  6. Contribute to the development of deliverables, such as reports (e.g., writing drafts of methods, approaches, and findings), presentations, summary briefs, and data visualizations (e.g., graphs, charts, infographics) to communicate study findings to professional and lay audiences/

As far as the desired post requirements, they include the candidate PHRS holding:

  1. A PhD in public health, epidemiology, public policy, behavioral/social sciences, or related field with applied social science research and evaluation experience.
  2. Demonstrated experience in conducting literature reviews for background research and/or systematic reviews, scoping reviews, or landscape analyses.
  3. Experience with primary data collection through surveys, interviews, and/or focus groups and with securing secondary data from external databases and public sources
  4. Demonstrated experience using data collection programs and statistical packages.
  5. Demonstrated experience in synthesizing qualitative and quantitative information from a variety of sources and reporting against them.


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Deadline: 20 August 2022
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