AHA Training Courses

The First American Heart Association Training Center in Palestine:

In April 2012, Juzoor obtained the American Heart Association (AHA) license, making Juzoor the first ever International Training Center (ITC) in Palestine.

As part of its strategic approach Juzoor aims to build the capacity of individuals and institutions in providing quality emergency care by investing in training faculty and sites. By growing the network of qualified health providers and trainers, Juzoor contributes to the strengthening of the health care system in Palestine.

To maintain its status as an AHA Training Center Juzoor strives for excellence in the training courses it provides in addition to the compliance with AHA standards and regulations; ensuring that each trainee acquires the competencies and skills necessary for certification. At the end of each training course, participants undergo a skills and knowledge exam that measures their ability to successfully master the skills and competencies intended by the course.