Contributing to the COVID -19 Emergency Response Effort Through Nursing Training and Engagement into Sustainable Economic Opportunities Project

With funding from UN Women, and in partnership with Education for Employment (EFE) – Palestine, Juzoor took quick action to respond to the pandemic by implementing another emergency project: “Contributing to the COVID -19 emergency response effort through nursing training and engagement into Sustainable Economic Opportunities.” Through this project, Juzoor targeted marginalized areas of vulnerable and disadvantaged people severely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak throughout the West Bank.

The project’s goal is to directly respond to the country emergency situation and improve the livelihoods of 40 vulnerable young women nurse graduates through unique model of adult learning in medical and non-medical skills, innovative employability, employment trainings in digital, soft and/or technical skills linked to increased market access, career-launching jobs in high-demand sectors.

Through this project, more women are now playing a bigger role in responding to the country’s emergency situation by increased capacity to engage and participate in the emergency response. 

Additionally, the targeted 40 female nurses are more aware of medical and non-medical skills/tools for advocating and promoting positive change in their career.  They also have increased capacity in technical skills including communication, safety & quality, Infection prevention, & ethics courses, Basic Life Supports (BLS), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) and Business English. With these new skills, the women will be able to access the labor market easier.

Female nurse graduates gained new skills and are now employed at the MoH and non-governmental/private hospitals