The Protection of People with Disabilities and Women Subjected to Domestic Violence due to the Negative Impact of the Pandemic Project

Juzoor, in partnership with Tawoon, started this project due to the negative impacts the pandemic has on people with disabilities and women subjected to domestic violence.  The first goal of the project is to raise public awareness of gender-based violence through media and social media. The second goal is to support the protection networks in the governorates to reach women subjected to violence in marginalized areas and in isolation. Finally, the third goal is to enable women subjected to violence to access social and legal services in ways that are compatible with the conditions of social distancing.

packages were distributed to persons with disabilities in
Tubas governorate, the Jordan Valley, Qalqilya Governorate, Tulkarem Governorate, Hebron Governorate, 3 kindergartens and nurseries in Ramallah, and 7 associations in the West Bank