Policy Dialogue & Advocacy Program

Policy Dialogue & Advocacy for Policy Development is an essential program that aims to influence and contribute to the development of health and social policies at the national level, in line with the needs of the Palestinian community.

As a national development organization, Juzoor works consistently and closely with the relevant institutions in Palestine, primarily the Ministry of Health, which leads the national strategy for development in the Palestinian health sector and the Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Women’s Affairs. Over the past several years, Juzoor has also worked closely with UNRWA’s health program; a main provider of health and social services to a large segment of the Palestinian society in refugee camps and other areas where high risk Palestinian refugees live. Through this program, Juzoor prioritizes health and social policies and advocates policy development by developing white papers on specific policies, participating in national, regional and international conferences and advocacy campaigns, preparing researches and development of reliable sources of information for policy and decision-makers.

Additionally, Juzoor regularly networks with national and regional organizations and institutions and is a part of numerous consortium's, forums and groups that work toward common goals. Juzoor helped create a national health policy forum to engage in focused discussions on critical health policies and challenges facing the Palestinian health system.

In addition, Juzoor has served as an advisor to the Ministry of Planning, helped lead the Population Forum, and is part of the Health NGOs consortium for ESCOW, Middle East Health Policy Forum, Arab Social Forum, and part of the Jerusalem NGO collation.

Juzoor enjoys strong working relationship with the Ministry of Health and its different departments and has implemented several projects with the Ministry such as capacity building and training, development of guidelines, organizing joint workshops and conferences, supporting the midwifery program, and implementing the psychosocial program.

As part of its involvement in national and regional networks, Juzoor has participated in numerous conferences and workshops held by organizations such as the American Public Health Association, ALSO International, World Health Organization, UNRWA, Palestinian Ministry of Health, Bir Zeit University, Bethlehem University, Al-Quds University, USAID, and a number of local NGOs. The Foundation contributes to the conferences (which are held on a variety of topics) through writing position papers, providing expert opinion, and conducting presentations. Apart from attending conferences organized by other groups, Juzoor also organizes conferences and workshops in cooperation with local and international groups on various subjects including nutrition in emergency situations, pediatric emergencies, breastfeeding and natural childbirth, among others. These workshops and conferences give health providers and the wider public the opportunity to learn the latest updates on different health issues, meet other professionals and laypeople who share an interest in the subject, and network with international consultants and guests.