Ethical Dimensions in Medical and Health Practice Workshop

As part of our efforts to build the capacity of the health cadre in non-technical domains, Juzoor’s workshop of “Ethics Rounds” covers ethical dimensions in medical and health practice for the Pediatrics Residency Program in the West Bank and for the Pediatrics and Surgery residents in Gaza. The workshop is conducted in collaboration with the Department of Surgery at the Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine.

This workshop clarifies the significance and meaning of key ethical concepts and offers a conceptual framework useful for ethical analysis of medico-moral problems in a variety of professional contexts; the participants also get the opportunity to articulate their current medico- moral attitudes, and explore reasoned arguments that challenge their existing assumptions and ethical stances. Tools used for decision making in ethical cases are translated into Arabic and adapted for the Palestinian context and shared with participants. This course is offered annually as part of Juzoor’s overall training plan.

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